Dr. Hourglass Redefines Cosmetic Surgery With the Hourglass Shape

Dr. Wilberto Cortes, more popularly known as Dr. Hourglass, is redefining cosmetic surgery by using unique approaches to achieve the most revered body shape of all—the hourglass figure. With more than ten years of experience in plastic surgery, Dr. Cortes is a Board-certified plastic surgeon who runs the Dr. Hourglass practice in Houston, Texas.

Women all over the world venerate the hourglass figure, which celebrates bigger busts and curvier hips. With a smaller waist-to-hip ratio, full, perky breasts, voluptuous thighs and shapely legs, the hourglass figure comes naturally to only a few, lucky women. Majority of women rely on plastic surgery to achieve this body type, and traditional approaches like the traditional tummy tuck which only remove excess skin are not reliable and do not deliver sustainable results.

Luckily, Dr. Cortes has developed a number of modern and effective cosmetic surgery techniques to make up for the shortcomings of traditional methods. Some examples of Dr. Cortes’s hourglass procedures include:

•    Hourglass tummy tuck

•    Hourglass mommy makeover

•    Hourglass hip procedure

•    Hourglass liposuction

•    Hourglass butt augmentation with fat

•    Hourglass butt implants surgery

•    Hourglass excisional butt lift

“Achieving the hourglass shape is not only about using sophisticated surgical approaches and techniques. It also calls for a great sense of aesthetics, physical beauty, and artistry,” says Dr. Cortes. “These factors make the hourglass procedures a mix of art and science. My procedures and techniques are grounded in these factors. They are refined, tested and proven.”

Dr. Cortes’s hourglass procedures are different from traditional plastic surgery procedures. For example, with traditional buttock augmentation, the surgeon will either place an implant inside the butt or inject the patient’s own surplus body fat into the buttocks. On the other hand, the hourglass buttock augmentation with fat transfer carefully distributes the fat in and around the buttocks and hips. This is where the cosmetic surgeon’s artistry and sense of beauty come into action. Dr. Cortes makes sure that the fat is distributed properly so the butt can appear bigger, curvier, more shapely, and perky, in addition to slimming the waist.

Dr. Hourglass believes in the continuous improvement of his approaches and honing his skills. Hundreds of patients from across the US and the world have already benefitted from his extensive experience and attention to detail. His cosmetic procedures are known for delivering impressive and long-lasting results.

Half of Dr. Hourglass’s patients come from the US, Europe, Africa, and South America. The hourglass body procedure has become so popular that plastic surgeons from around the world visit Dr. Cortes to master his special techniques and methods.

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