Dr. Wilberto Cortes is a Houston-based, board-certified plastic surgeon worldwide knows as Dr. Hourglass. He was born in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico. Early on, he set a personal goal to go to medical school and become a plastic surgeon. He already had this deep-seated fascination with the hourglass shape. He promised himself he would one day become on of the best buttock surgeon in the world. It has been oft said, “there is no elevator to success. You have to take the stairs.” Dr. Cortes did just that. He went to the US accredited Ponce School Of Medicine in 1997 from where he graduated, not just among the top 3, but #1 in his class. Subsequently, he chose the extremely competitive specialty of plastic surgery and was accepted into a very competitive integrated plastic surgery program in the United States. He completed 6 years of rigorous and intense residency program in general surgery and plastic surgery at the Medical College of Wisconsin. He extended for another 6 months of specialized clinical training in hand surgery. Once he finished his plastic surgery training and fellowship program, he traveled around the country where he learned and trained with the best body contouring surgeons in the nation. Because he had this unquenchable desire to push his boundaries and do even better, he realized that there are better ways to achieve aesthetic excellence other than simply doing the traditional techniques he was trained to do for the past 7 years. Over the years, he had also met several authorities in the field of plastic surgery and had the privilege of learning from them. Applying his prodigious intellect and the basic techniques of plastic surgery, he developed multiple procedures to accomplish what he believes is a better surgical outcome. He was also quick to note that in mid 2000, curvaceous bodies were trending and de rigueur amongst a populace very receptive to the allures of plastic surgery and attuned to celebrity culture. A review of medical literature and drawing from his own wealth of surgical knowledge and experience, he noted that there were no surgical techniques as yet able to satisfy this unrelenting desire to acquire an hourglass shape. For this reason, when he started his private practice in 2008, Dr. Cortes developed his trailblazing hourglass body procedures which includes the hourglass buttock implant, the hourglass tummy tuck, the hourglass buttock augmentation with fat, the hourglass buttock implant, hourglass mommy makeover, the hourglass lipo, and the hourglass hip procedure. He also developed and introduced the revolutionary Wonder breast lift and the Wonder breast reduction technique, designed to provide long-term results that would not only focus on aesthetic outcomes, but also reconstruct every single aspect of the breast that gets affected by the natural aging process. Dr. Cortes has been featured and guested in many TV programs. He counts among his long list of clients, various well know figures in entertainment today. In a nutshell, Dr. Cortes is more than just a phenomenal surgeon. He is also a gifted surgical artist with the unerring eye for beauty and symmetry.