Dr. Hourglass provides a wide range of cosmetic surgery services including breast augmentation, breast revision, thigh lift and many others. His signature Hourglass body procedures and Wonder Breast procedures are listed below.

Hourglass Tummy Tuck: The hourglass tummy tuck is a groundbreaking procedure developed by Dr. Cortes that delivers the coveted hourglass shape. This involves tightening of the weakened abdominal muscles, removal of excess skin, elimination of the pockets of excess fat in lower back, flanks, sides using liposuction and fat transfer to the hips to create and accentuate the curves.

Hourglass buttock augmentation:  The signature hourglass buttock augmentation combines high volume fat transfer to the buttocks and hips to create a beautifully defined waist to complement the seriously sexy and curvy butt.

Hourglass butt implant: The hourglass butt implant calls for the insertion of the buttock implant combined with fat transfer to the hips and buttocks to achieve a more appealing shape and projection of the butt coupled with a tinier waist.

Hourglass hips: The hourglass hip involves liposuction in multiple areas of the body especially in the mid section to create a tinier waist as well as fat transfer to the hips to achieve the flare and curve that matters. Not only does it result in iconic curves, it also effects a more pronounced, balanced and more alluring hip to waist ratio.

Hourglass mommy makeover: The hourglass mommy makeover is the combination of any wonder breast procedures including the wonder breast reduction or wonder breast lift combined with an hourglass tummy tuck.  This is the life-changing and metamorphic procedure that restores a woman’s enticing shape after pregnancy to an hourglass shape.

Wonder breast lift: The wonder breast lift is an innovative procedure that essentially reconstructs the breast from the inside out including the ligaments of the breast to create a shapelier, perkier, fuller breast sans implants.  This is where artistry and innovation comes to play. This calls for the rearrangement of the malposition breast tissue when it sags and improving the upper pole fullness of the breast using the muscle that supports the breast. Simply put, it is state-of-the-art sculpting of the breasts.

Wonder breast reduction: The wonder breast reduction is a procedure similar to the wonder breast lift where the breast is reconstructed from the inside out.  The ligaments of the breast are reconstructed, tissue is rearranged, upper pole fullness is improved, and reshaped to a smaller but symmetrical size.