Dr. Hourglass International Clinic for Cosmetic Surgery: Houston’s Premiere Plastic Surgery Practice

HOUSTON 26/12/2016– Patients from all over the country and around the world fly to Houston, Texas to consult with Dr. Wilberto Cortés, board-certified plastic surgeon, at his Dr. Hourglass International Clinic for Cosmetic Surgery.

A dedicated surgeon, Dr. Cortés has mastered the art and science of plastic surgery to ensure that his patients look the best that they possibly can.

Dr. Cortés is known for his signature procedures, namely the Wonder Breast Lift, Wonder Breast Reduction, and his world-renowned Hourglass Tummy Tuck™ technique.

At Dr. Hourglass International Clinic for Cosmetic Surgery, Dr. Cortés performs all of these procedures, as well as brow lifts, otoplasty, blepharoplasty, rhinoplasty, and chin implants. Dr. Cortésalso performs thigh lifts, brachioplasty, as well as surgery to address gynecomastia.

In addition to his surgical skills, meticulousness, and professionalism, Dr. Cortés is famous for his outstanding pre-op and post-op treatment of his patients, who have helped establish his reputation as the most esteemed plastic surgeon in the Houston area.

Those interested in booking a consultation with Dr. Cortés can do so through visiting RejuVenus Aesthetics’ website or by calling the clinic directly.


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Wilberto Cortes, M.D.
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