Dr. Wilberto Cortes is known worldwide as Dr. Hourglass. He has redefined cosmetic surgery by using a unique and innovative approach to achieve the most coveted silhouette of all, the hourglass figure. He alone developed this technique that enhances not just one aspect of the body, but an entire body shape. His techniques provide patients with that JLo and Kim Kardashian look that women thrive to achieve.

Looking at today’s trends, it is apparent that society’s perception of beauty has evolved, wherein the definition of a sexy figure is to have an hourglass shape. With that in mind, Dr. Hourglass developed multiple procedures to achieve this desired shape. What makes Dr. Cortes an excellent surgeon is that he studies thousands of before and after pictures to improve his craft, and at the same time, keeps an open mind and adjusts to the trends of cosmetic surgery.

Dr. Cortes has more than 10 years of experience in plastic surgery. He is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon who runs the Dr. Hourglass International Clinic for Cosmetic Surgery Practice in Houston, Texas. Early on in his career, Dr. Cortes noticed women’s desire for a more hourglass shape. Knowing that, he understood that it takes multiple procedures to achieve this. The reason being that an hourglass shape means having a smaller waist to hip ratio, full perky breasts, voluptuous thigh, and shapely legs. It is simply a fact that most women are not born with the hourglass shape. For this reason, a large number of women rely on plastic surgery to achieve this body type.

Dr. Hourglass came to realize that traditional approaches like the traditional tummy tuck as well as other body cosmetic plastic surgery procedures are not reliable and do not fully deliver the shape they want. Also, the traditional method does not produce long-term results. Because of this, Dr. Hourglass was inspired to improve these techniques and successfully deliver the best possible hourglass shape.

Dr. Cortes managed to develop several up-to-date, modern and effective cosmetic surgery techniques that have all stood the test of time. His techniques have addressed all the shortcomings of traditional methods, and made it better. The following are some of the body hourglass procedures that he has developed: hourglass hip procedure, hourglass liposuction, the hourglass mommy makeover, the hourglass tummy tuck, hourglass buttock augmentation with fat, hourglass buttock implant, and hourglass excisional butt lift.

These hourglass procedures are actually very different from the traditional plastic surgery procedures. For example, the hourglass tummy tuck combines multiple procedures with the standard traditional tummy tuck procedure. This includes cutting the excess skin, tightening the muscles, but then conducting liposuction on the lower back to emphasize the derriere and making a natural-looking curve. In addition, a fat transfer is done to the hip to enhance the hip to waist ratio, thus creating the ultimate hourglass figure.

By continuing to improve his approaches and honing his skills, Dr. Hourglass has managed to produce his own unique brand. His hourglass techniques has become recognized around the world as the only practice that provides a true hourglass shape that defines and transcends ethnic and cultural differences. Consequently, hundreds of patients from the United States and all over the world have sought out this procedure and benefited from it. Patients feel confident in the doctor’s ability to deliver their desired outcome because Dr. Cortes is a unique cosmetic surgeon known for delivering impressive and long-lasting results. Therefore, Dr. Hourglass is the surgeon to seek if you want to get the most impressive hourglass surgical results.



Dr. Cortes was born and raised in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico. After he graduated from college, he went to the Ponce School of Medicine in Ponce, Puerto Rico. Ponce School of Medicine is a US accredited medical school, where he was consistently ranked #1 and went on to graduate as the school’s valedictorian. Soon after he graduated medical school, he was accepted into a very competitive, integrated plastic surgery program at the Medical College of Wisconsin where he became a plastic surgeon after intense training. During his residency, he was able to master plastic surgery and also publish multiple topics in peer review articles.

Dr. Cortes thoroughly understands that changing a body starts with understanding the anatomy and the functions and issues associated with it. For this reason, he performed an extensive anatomical cadaver dissection in Bucaramanga, Colombia in order to truly understand the causes of the aging face. He conducted a study on this topic, which was then presented in multiple national plastic surgery aesthetic meetings. This is just another testament to Dr. Cortes’ brilliant analytical mind and how his curiosity and determination has contributed to the medical community.

After graduating from the Medical College from Wisconsin, Dr. Cortes traveled and visited some of the best-known plastic surgeons around the US to learn more about cosmetic surgery. He carefully picked plastic surgeons that he believes will provide some inside information into the hourglass shape. Through this, he learned some of the best techniques from the greatest minds of body contour procedures.

With that said, Dr. Cortes still felt that the techniques available were still insufficient in delivering the best possible results. As a result, the more he grew as a surgeon, the more he realized that there are better ways to achieve impressive aesthetic results than by just doing the traditional technique.

Dr. Cortes utilized the 7 years he spent training and learning techniques from world-renowned plastic surgeons by eventually using it to his advantage. With his skills and intellect, he applied the basic techniques of plastic surgery to develop multiple procedures to accomplish better results. The main focus of his cosmetic practice is breast and body procedures, in which he developed the famous hourglass procedures.

This unique approach involved combining state of the art fat transfer with traditional cosmetic procedures, as well as fine-tuning the body further through liposuction, thereby producing incredible results. Aside from that, he also developed other innovative techniques for breast procedures, which he called the wonder breast procedures.

Up to this day, Dr. Cortes continues to research the literature to stay updated and is always thinking of how to improve his techniques and solve the problems that every plastic surgeon in the world will have. With the wonder breast lift and wonder breast reduction procedure, for example, it solves issues like early recurrence of breast sagginess and bottoming out of the tissue. In addition, it has provided women with attractive and symmetrical breasts. What makes Dr. Cortes especially special is he does not necessarily focus on just the aesthetics, instead he looks at the overall reconstruction. He gives a unique perspective by examining all the anatomical areas of the breast that are affected by existing breast lifting and reduction techniques.

Within a few years after starting his practice in Houston, Texas, local patients spoke highly of his abilities, which then attracted people from both the national and international community. Patients from all over the world come routinely seeking his advice to improve their body. This is why the Dr. Hourglass brand is known for providing unbelievable cosmetic surgery results.

Evidently, Dr. Hourglass is a very talented cosmetic surgeon that has even been recognized by the media. He has appeared several times on TV to describe his technique and approach to plastic surgery. Dr. Hourglass has a never-ending desire to improve himself and even after 10 years of practicing cosmetic surgery, he continues to evolve and pay attention to the details of all his surgeries. By doing so, he accomplishes results that are still unparalleled. Dr. Cortes’ philosophy is to never leave the OR until he has performed the best surgical procedure providing his patients with a great result. The patients routinely say one thing, “there is Dr. Hourglass and there is everybody else.” He has even transformed a few well-known names in Hollywood as well as many TV reality show personalities.



Being a successful cosmetic surgeon is not just about branding/marketing or how great you claim to be. Dr. Cortes always thought that the best way to become a good surgeon is about excellent patient care and results. If the whole world sees his results, ultimately, the business will grow.

Through this philosophy, Dr. Cortes has one of the busiest practices in the United States and he performs cosmetic surgeries everyday of the week. His practice has become largely successful to the point that his patients began calling him Dr. Hourglass. They explained that if they were to compare other surgeons’ results with his amazing results that provide a consistent hourglass shape, he was the clear winner. Nobody even comes close.

The Dr. Hourglass brand is a worldwide phenomenon that continues to grow everywhere. He routinely sees patients from every continent of the world, as well as national and local patients. It is humbling that despite his obvious success, his focus is purely on providing customer satisfaction. He always says “look at my results and then compare everybody else, you will notice a significant difference in the approach to cosmetic surgery that is unparalleled to anything that you have seen.” The Dr. Hourglass brand transcends cosmetic surgery. Even his logo is recognized worldwide, and everything he has accomplished is a technique that was never completely addressed in the past, which is to provide a complete hourglass shape.

Looking at the beauty trends and ever evolving definitions of beauty, Dr. Cortes realized that the existing body contouring techniques were still lacking. In fact, the first procedure that he trademarked himself was the hourglass tummy tuck. This procedure is the next generation of tummy tucks procedures, in which he combined multiple procedures to deliver the ultimate hourglass shape. Subsequently, he evolved as a plastic surgeon creating the hourglass hip procedure, hourglass tummy tuck revision procedures to revise previous traditional tummy tucks, and even hourglass buttock augmentation. The hourglass butt implant redefined the buttock augmentation with implants, wherein it solved the problems most surgeons face with buttock implants. His technique has decreased complication rates to less than 1%, which is much less than the national average that ranges from 20 to 40%. In addition, he also developed the hourglass mommy makeover and the hourglass liposuction.

Once he mastered the hourglass body procedure, Dr. Cortes expanded his specialty towards solving issues related to breast surgery. One of the most common mistakes in breast surgery is using the breast skin as the sole support of the newly lifted or reduced breast. A breast reduction and breast lift with time lead to many issues, such as the bottoming out of the breasts, boxy look, loss of upper pole fullness, and a very short long-term result. With Dr. Hourglass’ procedure, otherwise known as the wonder breast procedure, it managed to fix all four issues with a breast lift or reduction. This is a very unique approach to breast cosmetic surgery because it is actually a breast reconstruction that provides impressive aesthetic results and at the same time, solves the issues associated with traditional breast surgical techniques.



Napoleon Hill said, “Some people dream of success while others wake up and work hard at it.” Since he started his practice in 2008, Dr. Cortes a.k.a Dr. Hourglass applied his prodigious intellect, his wealth of knowledge and experience, his strong willed discipline and industry towards creating and redefining how the hourglass shape can be achieved with plastic surgery.

In 2008, he developed the hourglass tummy tuck. The hourglass tummy tuck is the next gen of tummy tuck procedures. It is a product of an unquenchable desire to think outside of traditional techniques and to find better ways to achieve aesthetic excellence. It comes from a keen understanding and appreciation of the human anatomy, strong empathy and sensitivity of people’s inner desires, and by keeping an astute finger on the pulse of beauty trends. He was quick to recognize that the trend in society was leaning towards an hourglass shape. For this reason, he combined the techniques of the traditional tummy tuck with liposuction at the lower back, flanks, waist and fat transfer to the hip to deliver the much coveted hourglass shape.

This was the alpha of his remarkable journey to becoming Dr. Hourglass. At the end of 2008, he developed the hourglass butt augmentation with fat transfer. He saw the inadequacy of a simple buttock augmentation procedure, which yielded mediocre results. He decided to combine it with high volume fat transfer to the buttocks and the hips, which delivered eye-catching curves and perfectly flared hips.

In 2010, he addressed and found the perfect solution to one of the most significant problems in cosmetic surgery, the buttock implant. During that time, the buttock implant procedure was controversial among surgeons for its many issues that called into question its efficacy. The problem solver that he is, Dr. Cortes designed the trademarked hourglass butt implant procedure. He tweaked the classic butt implant by adding his ingenious combination of implant plus fat transfer to the buttocks and hips and came up with unparalleled results.

The rest is history. He moved from strength to strength, combining the hourglass with traditional procedures, and came up with the hourglass hip procedure and the hourglass mommy makeover. The hourglass mommy makeover was an inspired and avant-garde as the modern woman wanted an hourglass figure. While the joys of motherhood are incomparable, it does exact a heavy toll on a woman’s body. Dr. Cortes essentially recreated a youthful looking breast and a whole new hourglass shape by combining the hourglass body procedures with his signature wonder breast surgeries.

In 2011, he also created the hourglass hip procedure. The hourglass hip procedure is a technique where excess fats are harvested from multiple areas in the body and the processed fats are injected into the hip area. This considerably decreased the hip to waist ratio, and endowed women with that enviable hourglass shape that only 8% of women in the world have.

After mastering the hourglass shape with different procedures, he turned his attention to improving historical problems with breast surgery. He developed the wonder breast lift and the wonder breast reduction in 2011. In these procedures, he basically created a shapelier, perkier, youthful looking breast without implants. This was where his keen eye for beauty, artistry and innovation came into play. The procedure called for a more reconstructive approach where he essentially improved the breast mount by reconstructing the ligaments of the breast and provided long-term fullness using the patient’s own tissue.

Dr. Hourglass always believed that a well-educated patient is the ideal patient. He also believes that to be a good doctor, one must also be a good educator. For this reason, he was proactive in finding different ways to engage, involve and educate patients. He created his own YouTube channel called the Hourglass TV, where he provides educational and fresh content from Sunday to Friday. This hourglass TV includes not only educational material, but also animations that explained the different problems in cosmetic surgery in layman terms with a humorous approach. The hourglass TV reached landmark 3 million views in 2016. He also started the Spanish version called Dr. Curvas TV, which garnered 1 million views a year. The hourglass program contains daily videos from Sunday to Friday. He was quick to recognize social media as a powerful educational tool so he made good use of Facebook and Twitter to post articles and before and after pictures, as well as Facebook Live, Periscope, Instagram, and Snapchat for live and real time broadcast of surgeries.

It bears pointing out that even before he became a surgeon, Dr. Hourglass had already distinguished himself and shown his mettle as an achiever. He was ranked #1 in his medical school and was accepted in a very competitive plastic surgery program in the medical college in Wisconsin. During his medical years, he received the highest distinctions in anatomy and surgery.

Dr. Cortes has received many awards since he started his practice, including recommendations as one of the Top American Top Plastic Surgeons 2016, Houston Top Doctor from 2013 to 2016, the Patient’s Choice Award from 2010, 2012 and 2013, Top 10 doctors 2014, and Top Houston Board Certified and Accredited Doctor in 2016.



Dr. Cortes is family-oriented guy, who is married to his wife, Janiris Cortes, and whom shares four amazing and beautiful children: Wildaniel, Melody, Serenity and Destiny Divine.

Dr. Cortes has essentially built his house around the core values that family is first, love is everything and work hard to live your dreams. Over the years, he has come to realize that in today’s society, work should find a way to be integrated with family. Even though he does not have a lot of free time because of his practice, he has built a workspace in his home to accommodate his needs as for the practice and allows him to have work-life balance.

He spends quality time with his wife and four kids at home swimming in the pool, watching movies every Friday, and playing games. All while his home is equipped with a 1300 square foot workspace for his production company that provides information about his practices, accomplishments and experiences that he shares with his family.

He believes that he can have both a fulfilling career and a loving family.



The hourglass tummy tuck is a revolutionary surgical approach to enhance the abdomen. Dr. Cortes actually described a tummy tuck as a traditional tummy tuck. This procedure essentially has one main goal, which is to make the abdomen flat. Dr. Cortes understood that the traditional tummy tuck is a technique that no longer fit in today’s world where people want to have an hourglass figure. For this reason, he developed the hourglass tummy tuck.

As you can see in the before and after picture of this patient, the hourglass tummy tuck is more than just cutting the excess skin. The hourglass tummy tuck leads to a better front profile with an hourglass shape by combining multiple procedures. This involves cutting the excess skin, tightening the abdominal muscle, conducting liposuction on the lower back, flank and sides, and finally, doing a fat transfer to the hips.

If you really want to see how impressive the hourglass tummy tuck is, then all you have to do is compare the before and after pictures of both procedures. In this next patient, the before picture (Figure1) is the result of the traditional tummy tuck, whereas the next patient (Figure 2) is an after picture where the hourglass tummy tuck was performed on a patient who has previously done tummy tuck technique. Without a doubt, there is no comparison. The second case is a patient that wants to have an hourglass body after having babies. (Figure3). The picture after her Hourglass tummy tuck is amazing and unbelievable. (Figure 4)The hourglass tummy tuck can essentially transform anybody to have the ultimate hourglass shape, even those who have already done a traditional tummy tuck. Therefore, Dr. Hourglass’ technique remains unsurpassable.

Case #1

Case #2

(Figure 1)

(Figure 2)

(Figure 3)

(Figure 4)



A pivotal moment in his career happened when Dr. Hourglass was interviewed in a national Hispanic program on the station Univision, the Primer Impacto Hollywood. This is the first time the channel has presented a Latino plastic surgeon in recognition of his landmark procedures that animated and revitalized the Latina market. In this interview, he explains the hourglass procedures and how it relates to the current standard of beauty in society.

He describes the hourglass tummy tuck and how this procedure transcends ethic differences through innovative ways. In addition, he discusses how he uses live streaming media on Facebook Live, Periscope, Snapchat, and Instagram to connect with prospective customers around the world.