Dr. Wilberto Cortes is known worldwide as Dr. Hourglass. He has redefined cosmetic surgery by using a unique and innovative approach to achieve the most coveted silhouette of all, the hourglass figure. He alone developed this technique that enhances not just one aspect of the body, but an entire body shape.

Looking at today’s trends, it is apparent that society’s perception of beauty has evolved, wherein the definition of a sexy figure is to have an hourglass shape. With that in mind, Dr. Hourglass developed multiple procedures to achieve this desired shape. What makes Dr. Cortes an excellent surgeon is that he studies thousands of before and after pictures to improve his craft, and at the same time, keeps an open mind and adjusts to the trends of cosmetic surgery.

Dr. Cortes has more than 10 years of experience in plastic surgery. He is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon who runs the Dr. Hourglass International Clinic for Cosmetic Surgery Practice in Houston, Texas. Early on in his career, Dr. Cortes noticed women’s desire for a more hourglass shape. Knowing that, he understood that it takes multiple procedures to achieve this. The reason being that an hourglass shape means having a smaller waist to hip ratio, full perky breasts, voluptuous thigh, and shapely legs. It is simply a fact that most women are not born with the hourglass shape. For this reason, a large number of women rely on plastic surgery to achieve this body type.

Dr. Hourglass came to realize that traditional approaches like the traditional tummy tuck as well as other body cosmetic plastic surgery procedures are not reliable and do not fully deliver the shape they want. Also, the traditional method does not produce long-term results. Because of this, Dr. Hourglass was inspired to improve these techniques and successfully deliver the best possible hourglass shape.